My First Overland Trip, Malaysia – Thailand

On of my biggest dream is to have an overland trip experience, especially around ASEAN border. So last year I made it happened, with my other 2 girlfriends, we did it! Thanks to Internet and everyone who shared so many information around the cyber world, we didn’t get lost and arrived safely in Bangkok.

Here’s my payback for other travelers who might have same dream with me. A little writing bout how to go from Penang (Malaysia) to Hat Yai (Thailand). Hope you enjoy and have good travel experience like we had.

1. Ferry from Penang to Butterworth (5.45am-06.00am MY time; Free)
Penang is an island outside Asia mainland, so to go from Penang to Thailand, first thing to do is to go to the mainland by ferry or crossing Penang Bridge. What we chose was going by ferry.


Inside the ferry… It’s not to crowded early in the morning, so we got seats.

We asked the Uber driver that we rent to go around Penang to pick up us very early in the morning (5.15am from Super 8) to the port. There’re 4 girls in our group, 1 will leave by plane to KL, the other 3 will continue to Bangkok. So he charged us RM40 to go from Super 8 – Ferry Port – Airport starting 5.15am. It’s a good deal for us, since there’s no public transport early in the morning.


Penang from the ferry (5.45am).

We’re trying to catch the 1st or 2nd ferry from Penang, we arrived around 5.30am at the port, it’s quite far to walk from the outside gate till the ferry. So please spare some time to catch the ferry, around 5-10mins walk. We catch ,I think, the 1st ferry from Penang around 5.45am. It only takes around 15-20mins from Penang – Butterworth.


Ferry fee: Free (Penang – Butterworth)


2. KTM Komuter from Butterworth to Padang Besar (06.35am-8.20am MY time; RM11.40)


KTM Komuter Ticket

Once arrived at Butterworth port, it’s already integrated to the train station. Just follow the sign around to catch your train. Just another 10mins walk from the ferry to the ticket counter, located on the 2nd floor of the train station. We arrived at the ticket counter at 6:06am.




Empty Komuter from Butterworth, pick a good seat then sleep. 😀

The train we chose was KTM Komuter, departed at 06:25 from Butterworth to Padang Besar. You do not need to book ticket ahead, just come to the train station and buy one. It’s a commuter, so no seat number registered. The ticket was also very cheap only RM11.40 for single trip. It took around 2hours for this trip. The train was so clean and very cold, so bring your jacket to keep you warm. We slept during our trip, the train started empty, then very crowded during the trip since it was time for people to go to work then empty again once we arrived at Padang Besar station. Along the way, the view was beautiful, many hills and rice fields around.

Actually there’s another train you can catch, KTM ETS. It’s more expensive train with numbered seat like airplane & bus. From what I heard, govt. will close this ETS route from Butterworth to Padang Besar since they now have this Komuter. Anyway the Komuter schedule is once in an hour, so if you miss this schedule, you can catch up the next 7:25 train.

You can find more update information on this website: (very reliable website to build your own schedule and itinerary).

3. Padang Besar to Hat Yai (9.55am MY time – 11.00 TH time; THB70)

We’re very excited once we the train stop at Padang Besar, even though we’re wondering what would happen here. LOL. Leaving the train we started seeing around and asking the guard how to go to Hat Yai.


Shuttle Ticket Office @Padang Besar

You do not need to go outside the train station if you would like to continue by train. just stay on the train station and ask around, it’s not a big station. Immigration office located on near the end of station. Just wait around that office till they open. Usually everything will start around 9am, so when you arrive on 8.15am, you just wait inside the train station.


What you should do are:
a. Purchasing the shuttle train ticket on Thailand Immigration office.

>> you must pay in exact amount of money, so be prepared with THB70/person. The officer don’t care about any change. The location of ticket box is on an office, they had sign outside their door that said “Ticket sold at 9am.” So, don’t push the officer to sell the ticket earlier. Just follow the sign… Imo the Thai immigration officers weren’t friendly, so do not be a brag there.

b. Filling the arrival document for Thailand border, just follow the sign to Immigration, they will give you the card to fill in.
>> once the ticket office opened, there’ll be someone passing around Immigration card to get in Thailand border. Just take it and fill in this card, this will be your Visa during your trip. Make sure to keep this card or just attached it inside you passport.

c. Immigration
>> Once everything ready, the officers will start open the immigration locket (inside the building). Just take a queue for passport stamp.


Shuttle Train Padang Besar-Hat Yai

Around 9.45am the train from Hat Yai will arrive, and we can start enter the train. I wasn’t sure what happen with our train, but we wait quite long for the train to depart. It’s behind schedule.. We departed at 10.45am MY time / 9.45am TH time, 1 hour behind schedule.

The train took around 1 hour, it’s quite good interior. But it’s a locomotive one, so not so fast comparing to Komuter. On the train, there’s a guy selling Thai SIM card, DTAC, cost only THB200 w/ internet package for 1 week and some credit. Good thing we found him, so we could have Internet connection without worry to lost in Hat Yai.

There’re 2 shuttle trains per day from Padang Besar-Hatyai, detail information click here:

4. Hat Yai to Airport

After 1hour in the train, we arrived at Hat Yai train station, from there we just take a walk to Lee Garden Plaza Hotel (10mins walk). Almost everyone who visited Hat Yai will go there, since it likes a good place to start your trip. Lee Garden Plaza is actually a little shopping mall, surrounded by many travel agents and public transportation. It has McDonalds and Swensen’s Ice Cream.

Our flight schedule is 07.55pm from Hat Yai to Don Muaeng Airport, so we spend our noon napping at McDonald’s, going around Plaza, then had Swensen’s Ice cream..After that, we purchased our dinner for takeaway from the foodcourt in the LG. To go to the airport, you can choose Tuktuk outside the Plaza, but I was not sure how much. One of my friend had family in Hat Yai, and I asked her to book us a taxi to go to the airport, it cost 250THB. You cannot find any metered taxi around the plaza, only tuk-tuk. And if you wanna order taxi, you must order by phone. It only took around 30mins to go to the airport, not too far.


  1. Train in Malaysia is very good, the schedule is quite reliable, so be on time. I recommend you to choose the same schedule with us from Butterworth (6.25am) in order to prevent any delay in Padang Besar. 7.25am train is also still okay to catch 9.55am shuttle train, but your schedule will be very tight.
  2. Train in Thailand is not that punctual and good as MY. In order to prevent and issue on your connecting train or flight in Hat Yai, please spare sometime from your arrival time. Our shuttle train arrived in Hat Yai 1 hours behind schedule, due to delay of departing in Padang Besar. But you do not need to be so worried, spare just 1-2hours is okay.


Enjoy travel!




Penang, A Journey to The Old Time

After going around KL, we continued our trip to Penang Island. There’re many ways to go to Penang from KL. By train, by bus or by plane. We did some fare check and found that plane tickets were cheap in Malaysia domestic. So we chose plane to go from KL to Penang, we went by Malaysia Airlines and it was less than 1hour flight.

How To Go To The City From Penang Airport

From the airport, once again we chose airport taxi. We paid voucher in the counter and got our taxi outside. It cost around 40RMs from the airport to our hotel, near Komtar Tower. Again, in my opinion, it’s always better to chose airport taxi once you arrived, except when you arrived in someplace you know for sure to have good public transport.

Super 8 Hotel.

It’s located not too far from Komtar Tower, a landmark in Penang. The hotel was located a bit remote to the crowd, no 711 or other convenient store around. Only the hotel minimarket. But around 5-10mins walking, you can find malls and city crowd very nearby. The hotel was quite good and huge, we rent a 4persons room with 2 queen size beds. The room was spacious and have a big free space. It cost only less than 300RM for 2 nites without breakfast.

Once finished check-in, we started our journey with lunch. We started with the Famous Char Kway Teow and Chendul in Penang Street by walking around 15mins from our hotel. Thanks Google for your Google Maps!


1) Joo Hooi Cafe


Laksa is the one on the left, very red and tasty.. a little bit tangy and soooo fresh.

A very famous cafe aka collective food stalls in Penang Street. The served one of the Char Kway Teow and Famous Ais Chendul nearby (right in front of the cafe). The Char Kway Teow was good, and I felt in love with Malaysian’s Laksa. It tasted like Pindang from my hometown, Palembang. I liked the scallion eggs also, it liked an omelette mix with scallions. The Famous Ais Chendul was so so, I’ve tried better in Indonesia. Anyway, the queue here was very long.. especially since we came on public holiday. Overall, all tasted good and also not pricey! Only RM5-10/plate.

2) Museum Peranakan @Georgetown


Our guide and the altar of Kapten

This is a beautiful museum, previously this was a house owned by a Kapten (Chinese Captain) that ruled Penang. Now, the owner (not related to the Kapten) opened this house as Museum. It was full of the belongings of the Kapten and his descendant, he had 4 wives, and this house was his 2nd, who happened to be a Malay. Their descendant were called Peranakan (Chinese mix Malay). In this museum, we saw so many gold, ceramics, diamonds and other blink blink. Also some magnificent story about the Kapten and her wife. Our tour guide name was Fab, he’s very good explaining to us. Thanks Fab!

Entrance fee: RM20 (include tour guide, and it will not be disappointed you)

In Georgetown, we went around little bit to see St. George Church and Blue Mansion. Unfortunately both were closed.

3) Gurney Plaza


Wonton Mee, Wonton Soup, Rojak, Squid and fresh coconut at Gurney Plaza

From Georgetown, we ordered Uber to go to Gurney Plaza to have dinner. That’s only a foodcourt full of stalls, Malay and Chinese. You are not allowed to enter the beach since there’s a fence around. Nothing to see actually, just another foodstalls like in KL.

Around Gurney Plaza, there’re a lot of malls you can visit.




Best breakfast!

4) Foodstall In Front of Super 8

We found a foodstall in front of our hotel, they served traditional breakfast, Kaya Toast set (with coffee and soft boiled eggs). 4sets + extra 2 portion of Kaya Toast was only 20RMs.




In Penang, there’re so many taxis around, but I’m not sure about the fare and meter. In order to protect ourselves from scam, we prefer Uber to go around. Since the first day arrived in Penang, we tried to negotiate with our Uber driver to be our driver to go around Penang Hill & Kek Lok Si Temple. Finally we got a good one, an uncle that drove us to Penang Hill. We got a good rate, RM30/hour. Since there’re 4 of us, it’s more efficient to go by taxi than bus. It’s too long to go around by bus, especially on holiday season.

5) Penang Hills


This view was worth my 3hours life in queuing, not worth it,

In Penang Hill, we got our worst nightmare. A crazy and hellish queue I ever had. 3hours queue just to go to the top and it’s totally not worth it!!! It’s a good view, but still not worth 3 hours queue of my life. If you happen to visit it on the same situation, please use FAST LANE, cost double but much better than crazy queue.
Entrance Fee: RM30/nett. Fast lane: RM60/nett.


The View once you arrived on the Pagoda entrance


The pagoda, to enter you must pay RM2/person.

6) Kek Lok Si Temple

This is a must visit. A beautiful temple and also very large. On the top, you can find a big Kwan Im Statue and in below, there’s a beautiful pagoda. It’s better to visit Kek Lok Si Temple than Penang Hill, if you have no time. There’s some climbing also involve to reach the Pagoda, and we didn’t take it. So we only went around, but still the view were amazing and beautiful.

If you go by yourself, to visit the Kwan Im statue, you must go by another elevator, cos around RM2/person. Since we rent a car, we could reach the Kwan Im statue by car.





One of the street art @Lebuh Armenian. You can take picture with the street art.


Strolling around Georgetown bring you back to the good old time…

7) Georgetown StreetArt

The most iconic spot in Penang is their street art alongside Georgetown, especially Lebuh Armenian and Lebuh Ah Quee. Strolling around this area in the afternoon was relaxing if you happened not waste your time queuing in Penang Hill. We took some good pictures of the street arts, some were very crowded, since it’s holiday season. A disgrace traveling on holiday season is always the queue….


Overall, Penang was a good visit to go around and try Malays’ dished. Transportation might becomes an issue, so please prepare Uber or Grab to go around the city or just walk around. It’s not a big city like Kuala Lumpur, and felt more like old town than a modern town. The buildings looks so chinese and old, but they also have modernize a lot.

Next is how we went from Penang to Thailand border by land!



Kuala Lumpur, a trip around the city

Few months ago, my friends and I decided to have a road trip for our end year holiday. After many discussions, we decided to go to two countries: Malaysia and Thailand, visited 4 cities, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Hat Yai and Bangkok. One of our biggest goal is to go overland trip, and travel with one of my biggest obsession right now, trains!

So, here’s a little peek of our trip.

We arrived in KLIA at early morning, 3AM to be exact, our flight was delayed for 3 hours by the one and only Singa. It’s totally annoying and tiring to arrive at that time, luckily we found Dunkin Donuts to give us a shot of sugar to cheer us once we landed.

We ordered taxi in KLIA1 (Airport Limo Taxi) before we left the airport. You can find it easily on your way out after custom. It is an official taxi, better to use this one to make sure there’s no scam, even though it cost more than Uber. We paid around 150RM in the counter and then went to the Gate 2 to find our taxi, a Proton sedan. It cost very high due to special price after mid night until 6am (+50% than normal price). Our destination was Petaling Street, a China town area in the city center.

Our Hotel : Geo Hotel
I think it’s a very good hotel, compact and clean, also located on the prime spot. Right near famous Petaling Street and surrounded by 711 and 24hours fastfood chain, Texas Fried Chicken. It cost around 350,000Rp/nite for to without breakfast.

Anyway, below is the list of our itinerary in KL. Fortunately we got friends who accompany us around, so we went by their car, and it cut hours of public transport. So we’re able to visit many places.

1) Sun Feng Bah Kut Teh, Jalan Imbi

Sun Feng Bah Kut Teh

4 of us with Low Sisters, Hai Ting and Hai Yen, our generous guides in KL

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, they said. We believe this, so to start the day, we had a hearty bak kut teh soup for breakfast. 😀 Sun Feng Bak Kut Teh located in Jalan Imbi, a place where many chinese restaurant gathers in KL. We tried their Bak Kut Teh soup and also their Dry Bak Kut w/ kecap. All very tasty and delicious… I prefer their soup tough, the dry version is a little too salty for me. It’s better to have it with rice or congee I think, since we only have a little rice there.

2) Batu Caves
I think nowadays, Batu Caves has become a famous attraction in KL. You can find many information about this temple and also how to get there.  The iconic is the huge and tall statue of Murugan, a deity in Hinduism. More info about this site: here . Entrance fee: Free.


The icon of Batu Cave


City view from the top


How to get you t0 the top. Tiring!










Just every kind of noodles you can find in the restaurand

Just every kind of noodles you can find in the restaurant

3) Restoran Win Heng Seng, Jalan Imbi

After the so so tiring climb in Batu Cave, we had our lunch at Win Heng Seng, a Chinese restaurant that have so many food stalls. We tried so many kind of noodles and kwetiaw. Their coffee was also good.

We had pork ball noodle soup, curry mee, ipoh noodle soup, and dry noodle. This place is famous for their pork ball noodle, and remember their pork ball happened to be not a ball… a big question for me, why they call it ball, even when it’s not ever nearly a ball…

4) Old Royal Palace, Jalan Istana
Just a little stop to take picture, they have museum inside, but we didn’t go inside.

img_20170102_202132_8405) Thean Hou Temple
They said it’s once the biggest temple in Sout East Asia or in Malaysia at least. It’s very huge and beautiful. We took prophecy inside, some were very good and others were very bad prophecy liked mine. 😦 The decoration is very Chinese and modern, they have a wedding venue inside. In my opinion this place is very commercialized already.

Entrance fee: free

img_20170102_185300_8626) KTM Berhad, Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin

A beautiful building that functioned as office of KTM Berhad, a government train authority in Malaysia. I loved the decor, it seemed like middle east building with modern touch.





Inside KL CIty Gallery – History of KL

7) Merdeka Square, Jalan Raja

We visited Dataran Merdeka or Merdeka Square and KL City Gallery. There’s a sign of “I love KL” outside the gallery, and as Indonesians, we had no intention to take picture with that sign. hahaha. In Kl City Gallery, we saw history of Kuala Lumpur and also the big landscape of KL in 2020. But as my Malaysian native friend said, it’s just talking.. since many of those building are not yet built until now. LOL.

KL City Gallery Entrance Fee: RM5 (can be refund in souvenir gallery).



I loved Dataran Merdeka view and surrounding, it’s so contemplating and regal.

8) End of Jalan Alor (parking) – Wong Ah Wah (Famous Chicken Wing)


Mee Hokkian, The Famous Chicken Wings, Fried Sting Ray, Clams and Kangkung. All for 5 starving girls.

img_20161229_205204_0899) Petronas
The landmark of Malaysia, we took pictures there. A little tips for you, please bring selfie stick, it’s so difficult to take good picture there. They put a very strong light that destroy our picture. Thanks to my very skillful photographer, we found a way to take good pictures while blocking the strong light behind.

10) Restaurant in Kajangimg_20161225_100118_770
I didn’t know what’s this restaurant name, similar with Win Hen Seng, they had so many food stalls inside. I tried something called mouse tail noodle, since its shape was like tail of mice. All tasted good and also cheap. I could say that Kuala Lumpur food stalls were not expensive as Jakarta. They sold around RM5-10/ plate. Cheaper than restaurant in Kelapa Gading for sure…

Anyway, that’s all my adventure in KL. From Kajang, we went straight to KLIA1 to continue our trip to Penang. See ya on another post.


A story from history.. A Little Merry Christmas for You.

When I was in school, every Christmases, Idul Fitris and Chinese New Years, my classmates and I used to visit each other houses’. On Christmas, we visited our Christian friends, on Idul Fitri, we visited our Moslem friends, on CNY we visited our Chinese friends.

In my hometown, Palembang, we have special word for this activity, it’s called “SANJO”. We loved doing sanjo, eventhough we must went by renting a public car aka angkot. We used to go together after school, together from 1 house to another. Sometimes it needed more than 1 day to do sanjo. It’s tiring, but it’s more fun than tiring for us.

In every houses, we had Pempek, Palembang dishes like fish cake made of fishes and sagoo. We never got bored eating pempek, because every house had different tastes. Pempek itself is kinda mixture between Chinese and Palembang dishes. So culture mix is everywhere here.

We shared our happiness with everyone, no matter what celebration it was nor who celebrated. Just sharing the fun of the celebration meant the world to everyone of us. Our lives that time were simple and easy.

Merry Christmas to you..
May peace and love be among us.


East Java Day 1&2 – Ijen Crater

Starting last year, I always wanted to go to Bromo. I really wanna see the great sun rise and the beautiful sand desert. And finally, I made that trip.

On end March this year, my friends and I traveled around East Java to visit Ijen Crater, Bromo, and Batu city. Since the beginning I had been a bit worried about this trip because our schedule was very tight and full of trekking. As a non-fit person I was curious whether I’ld be able to do this trip. But.. whatever, nothing could stop me seeing the world. XD

So, here we go.

Day 1

Jakarta -> Surabaya -> Ijen Crater

We met up on Soekarno-Hatta International Airport Jakarta. There’re many flights and airline to East Java from Jakarta. If you wanna visit Bromo, you can take a flight to Juanda Int’l Airport, Surabaya or Abdul Rachman Saleh Airport, Malang. Both cities are not too far from Bromo, but I don’t know which one nearer. We chose to go to Juanda by using Citilink on noon flight..

As usual, not all the members of our group know each other. There’re 10persons in our group  (9persons flew to Juanda and 1 to Abdul Rachman Airport). We went together just because we somewhat knew Jose (the guy who organize everything for us on this trips and also my previous trip to Derawan). I am lucky my bestie is his girlfriend, so I could join this trip. 😀 Thanks Len! Your boyfriend is my saviour.

Arriving in Surabaya, we’re picked up by a driver (booked by Jose & friends). Then we went to have lunch in Warung Ikan Bakar Cianjur, located near Juanda. We went to East Java, and still we ate at franchise restaurant from Jakarta. hahaha. Then we picked up the other person on Abdul Rachman Airport. Hoewever, since our driver advised us not to take a turn to Malang due to traffic (Surabaya-Malang is not on the same line w/ Ijen Crater),  we picked our last team member somewhere on  East Java. She went from the airport using a rental car and met up w/ us in an area somewhere. From there we went straight to Ijen Crater Area. It need around 7-8hours from Juanda to reach Ijen. So we slept, we chatted, we ate and we slept again during that long hours.


Juanda International Airport


Our Car for this trip! Capacity: 25persons Participants: 10persons

9 members + Jose somewhere beihnd the cam

Full Team without Jose, the guy who set everything and photographed everything 😀


Day 2

Ijen Crater

Ijen crater located on Banyuwangi Regency, best known for its “blue fire”, turquoise-colored acid crater lake, and sulfur mining.

The “blue fire” is a view you can found  on Ijen crater only at dawn (1-4am). It’s the reaction of the sulfur there. I dunno the scientific reaction but it’s awesome & beautiful! 😛


Ijen Blue Fire


Too reach the crater we must walked around 3km only. However you MUST be on fit condition, wear thick jacket (very cold up there), and bring flashlight (if you wanna see the blue fire-it’s totally dark there). A cane will be very helpful if you’re not fit enough. 3km  of the trek is full of hills and slippery slopes.

And if you think 3km is short, try this trip. If you’re fit enough, you can reach the crater only around 1-2hours without a breath.

But for me it’s totally supremely exhausting. I thought I almost dead to finally reach the crater.  We started the walk on 12.30am and I arrived near the crater on around 3.30am. 3hours of my excruciating walk.  Fortunately the view there was quite beautiful and I felt grateful to be able to see that view.


The Turquoise-coloer Crater Lake on Pink Sunrise taken by one of our group, Ms.Henny


A sneak peak of the 3km walk you must through to reach the edge of Ijen Crater [Pic by me]

Anyway, I only reached the edge of the crater. If you wanna see the blue fire nearer, you must go down for about another 10-30mins  full of slopes. When I was there, the area was very crowded, so it’s a bit dangerous especially with the slopes. Be very careful if you go down, it’s full of sulfur and poisonous gas. The view there is more beautiful for sure.


The hill and slope to reach Ijen Crater nearer [Pic by Ms. Henny]

10152649_10152052763892194_712921636_n (1)

You willl need a bit climbing as well to go nearer [Ms. Henny]

Another unique thing you can find here is there’re many Hercules there. Many local people work as sulfur miner, they mine the sulfur rock near the crater and bring it down to the village to sell it to some buyers. The price is around Rp1,000/kg. The can take 70-80kg of sulfur for each trip by using simple baskets on their shoulder. The route they take is same w/ the trip that I took for 3hours. And they take it only for 30mins w/ the so heavy sulfur rock. They are HERCULES! Please watch out for them when you walk there. They are not friendly enough and will push you away if you block their way.


One of the sulfur miner [Ms. Henny]

So that’a about Ijen Crater. A beautiful crater in East Java. The one that I thanked enough I’ve reached in this lifetime. But I thought once in a lifetime is enough, no more Ijen Crater for me. 😀


Me w/ help of a cane finally conquered Ijen Crater

Be happy!




Traveling Blog – Should I?

Few days ago, one of my besties, Ms. Fab release her new blog here . She created the new blog special for her journey around the world.

This action made me more and more tempted to follow her step, writing about the journey.

Since I got in university on 2007, I started to love traveling. I start w/ going around Yogyakarta and Central Java w/ my friends. Even it’s not too often (still student, no money dude!), I enjoyed my trips so much and this made me promise that one day I wanna travel around the world..

And on 2011, I promised myself that I’ll travel at least 2x a year to someplace beautiful and relaxing when I start working. Until now, there’s some trips I’ve done since then, Dieng, Central Java, Jogja, Derawan, Bromo. quite a lot rite?

So it make me think should I follow my bestie step. So here I am, I’ll try to write about some of those places.

Hope it’ll be useful for you and hopefully this idea makes me keep writing and sane for long. Plus make me improve my English. 🙂


Be happy!




A trip that change my life

It’s been almost 1.5years since I started working. As you know, I am such a bad workaholic. To freshen my soul, I sometimes take a small trip w/ my friends to somewhere far away to enjoy our life.

End of March, I went to East Java to explore Ijen Crater, Bromo and Batu. Unfortunately, something bad happened during my trip. I tripped on my way to do rafting on Songa. I broke my fibula and tore some ligaments on my right foot.

It’s quite an experience. Imagine yourself on a remote area and you got a broken leg.

Fortunately, many people help and support me so I was able to go home and got an operation.

Thank you for all your support & help people!

W/ the help of local Tukang Urut, I got temporary casket.

W/ the help of local Tukang Urut, I got temporary cast.

Bandaged by an orthopedist after my operation

Bandaged by an orthopedist after my operation

Now, I need crutches support, I hope I get recover soon.

Doctor said it gonna need few months till recover and also another operation in future to take off the pen on my fibula.

So crossing fingers buddy!